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AnyRidge Implant System

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AnyRidge Implant System

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The Anyridge system is the “next generation In dental implant systems” that has been developed for the need of a simplified implant surgery.

It allows for the surgeon to conduct implant surgeries in a safer and more convenient manner. The system also responds to cases where patients have poor alveolar bone conditions.

The Anyridge system is currently being promoted and advertised globally through foreign and domestic symposiums, and as received attention from leading companies and dental surgeons. In particular, the outstanding features that the Anyridge system possesses is being proven by clinical perspectives through comparative data with other products, and by clinicians. Being the next generation in dental implant systems that exceeds current standards, the Anyridge system will soon dominate foreign and domestic implant markets

  1. AnyRidge can preserves crestal bone
  2. AnyRidge minimizes need for bone augmentation
  3. AnyRidge creates Esthetic S-line prosthetics
  4. AnyRidge optimizes flapless surgery

Customized drilling sequence in accordance with patient’s bone density and optimal initial stability.

1. Fixture placement

  • Soft bone
    The Unique self-tapping threads have a single core diameter that facilitates minimal site preparation by utilizing a smaller osteotomy to place a wider fixture with wider threads.
  • Hard bone
    AnyRidge with its unique thread design is easier to place than traditional implants in hard bone.
    *Caution! : The osteotomy size should almost reach the size of the fixture to avoid wedging in the bone!

2. Customized drilling sequence

AnyRidge has flexible protocol for drilling. Make your own drilling protocol according to patient’s bone quality to attain your preferred initial stability.
Or you can simply drill an osteotomy adequate to the given conditions and then decide the diameter of the fixture according to the bone density.

  • Simplified and improved drill design is the secret of a simplified drilling sequence. You can even harvest autogenous bone with these specially designed drills.(Recommended speed : 50 RPM, 50 Ncm without water irrigation)
  • The best way to get ideal initial stability with the AnyRidge system is by placing a fixture with the handpiece leaving one or two threads above the crest. Then use a ratchet wrench to place the fixture platform in the desired position.

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